The Val di Chienti shopping centre has launched the hashtag #ambasciatoridellemarche (ambassadors of the March region), with the creative and strategic support of  Proxima and the collaboration of the Yallers and the Social Media Team of the Marche Region.


This project is part of a long term vision of the Val di Chienti shopping centre, which has always been committed to defending and enhancing the local territory with activities to support schools, the elderly and associations that work in the social sector.

“We have always believed that it is our duty – stated Gianluca Tittarelli, manager of the centre– to give back to the territory part of the richness it offers us every day”.

Instead of adopting the usual ironic style or high impact images, we decided to show the beautiful areas of the territory. This decision was taken before the earthquake, as can be seen by some of our campaigns, but only after the earthquake we understood we had to do something more.

Campagna ADV Musicultura

Through the hashtag #ambasciatoridellemarche every inhabitant or tourist can contribute to support tourism in this region; they can help to show the aspects of the region they feel are important and in this way help it economically.

In this case, advertising is not only of social importance but also becomes a new form of art, which every day discovers different and original languages and visual solutions that involve, entertain and deliver emotions to its public.

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