Once again, we are proud to have contributed to developing a new, exciting stage of TEDx Modena:

“Modena is a city made up of passion and reason.

A passion for food, engines and textiles, and the reason for realising this passion in a way that is both effective and universal. Something that has given us hope in the past, and continues to do so. We are, therefore, organising a new TEDx, in Modena, on the subject “Gimme hope – when passion meets reason”.

We aim to bring people – not just from our town, and not just representing the entrepreneurial world – who have taken their life experience to heart onto the stage of the Teatro Storchi.

Men and women belonging to a wide range of industries and who hold important roles in the entrepreneurial, international, educational, human, (…), social and artistic fields have already begun working with our new team of speaker coaches, who will accompany them for the two months leading up to the event.”

14 speakers for 12 speeches that touched on the many spheres of knowledge, ever searching for the subtle balance between passion and reason that allows us to build great enterprises.


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