Live communication

Nurture your relationship with clients

The challenge

Let your clients experience immersive events in physical and digital realities.

Our solutions

We can guide you in helping your clients to take part in innovative and unforgettable events – in this very way the world can truly experience your brand and discover all the values it represents.

We have put together a team which deals specifically with live communication: on one hand we wanted to optimise management processes for every stage of the event, on the other we wanted to draw together all the outlets of the creative energy which Proxima has always put into communication-related activities.

We like designing excitingly new, unseen, and unheard-of event formats, which we can offer to our clients (and which are then requested many times again), but we also shape ideas and experiences following brands’ and retailers’ specific requests.

If you read on, you will find out how we managed to meet a variety of communication needs by organising and throwing events.

Val di Chienti, Whatsapp Quiz

Keeping a keen eye on the Shopping Centre – even in summer.

How can you get clients involved even outside of the Shopping Centre, generating hype on local channels and consolidating a leadership presence in the area?

All you need are a beach, a phone, and a simple, yet original game: the WhatsApp Quiz.

For 4 days in the height of August, on the sandy beaches of Civitanova Marche, local beach-goers and tourists took part in the hottest game of the summer: a real-time quiz in a WhatsApp chat where participants could answer questions and win Val di Chienti gadgets.



partecipants in 4 days with thousands of spectators, including helpers in the audience and curios passers-by


questions in total


thousands of gadgets handed out


web contacts


Local TV channel èTV


in touch with over 250.000 people


White by Night

Increase visitor flow to the Shopping Centre, giving clients what they deserve

The White by Night event hosted by Oriocenter had a double objective:

  • to boost the Shopping Centre’s visitor flow before the beginning of the sales period,
  • reward customers with a special party and great prizes.
“Go shopping during the day – get your bracelet – come back in the evening for the White Party!”

These are the three steps which make up the event.

The people who visited the Shopping Centre during the day received a bracelet which would allow them to get into the party at night. Dress code: WHITE!

During the event, guests dressed in white could use the QR code on their bracelets to take part in a raffle where five €1000 gift cards were up for grabs.

Let the world experience your brand’s storytelling by organising unforgettable events!

Let’s feel!