Comunicazione interna

Establish a dialogue that makes people happy

The challenge

Show your company’s uniqueness, motivating employees and attracting talent.

Our solution

We can help you devise your business’s internal communication strategy by assessing its values, optimising communication flow, organising employee engagement activities, and defining the storytelling that attracts new talent.

What we can do for you:


Employer Identity: inform stakeholders on the business’s philosophy and identity

Employer Branding: we communicate in a straightforward way to attract the right talent


We help you shape the way your company changes and tell others all about it


We build engaging training platforms through the use of storytelling and gamification


We create, organise, and manage employee engagement events

Would you like to hear some examples?

tell international trade about
the beauty of Italian harmony

For the relaunch of the Classic blends (miscele classiche) on the food service channel,  Lavazza asked us to think of events and toolkits for the international sales force, that could fully convey the beauty of Italian harmony hidden in every cup of coffee.

When dealing with internal communication, we set ourselves the goal to get businesses involved in the product storytelling, as we believe that highly skilled professionals, when they feel emotionally draw in, can become Brand Ambassadors.

Lavazza is a harmonious mix of pleasure, tradition, and Italianness: a perfect balance, which we decided to couple with Italian music.

After being selected, mixed, and revisited from a modern perspective, Italian music becomes the leitmotif of the entire project – from the naming and logo, Harmonious Mix, to the business’s prestigious communication campaign and corporate events.

And that is how the sales folder becomes an incredible record collection: each album is used to introduce a coffee blend, which is paired with a song from a specially made Spotify playlist.


The trade presentation meeting thus becomes an exhibition, a display of music and flavours, where coffee blends and vinyl records become works of art.

The Big Idea, multi-channel architecture, engagement: these are the key steps in our approach to creative communication – covered even when talking to the trade. Designing engagement means studying how the Big Idea can relate to people, through simple yet rewarding experiences.

Jacopo Zacchia

Retail & Mass Market Manager

BTicino Play & Learn, vocational training becomes a game

Can you use playful communication in commercial and technical training? At Proxima, we firmly believe you can. For BTicino we built a gaming platform which is designed to meet educational needs, stimulate professional growth, and prompt contact between the company and its sales force.

Challenge Play & Learn:  an e-learning platform where training is symbolically represented as different sports and unfolds as challenges, checkpoints, scores, and different levels.

The Challenge Play & Learn platform is based on “Fun theory”:  people find it easier to change their attitude when they are having fun. Points, levels, missions, and challenges encourage users to invest their time playing the game.

Francesco Botti

Visual artist & gamificator

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