Foot Traffic

Increase in-store traffic

The challenge

Make your POS the number one destination for customers.

Our solutions

Hiring a siren to lure customers into your POS is definitely one option; or you could implement digital and non-digital drive-to-store campaigns.

We will assist you in developing foot traffic projects which will help make your store a top destination for customers.

How does this work?

First we explore the physical and digital environments surrounding your store; then we outline the target buyer personas; we draw on our deep knowledge of digital tools and put it to creative use, combining the best of physical and digital elements to build incredible customer experiences.

We make sure that performance is monitored constantly, and if we notice that something may need improving, we act on it immediately.

We study maps – and not just digital ones

Foot traffic activities can be successful even if you decide to rely only on non-digital tools. The secret is to look around – literally.

For a local activation project requested by Burger King for its Auchan Shopping Centre restaurant in Monza, we started by assessing the reference population and then proceeded to detect the closest – and most interesting – points of interaction with potential customers.

Co-marketing with the nearby Hotel B&B; adverts on screen and discount vouchers on the seats of outdoor cinemas; handing out flyers
near the University campus; setting up a charity collaboration with Shark Monza – these are just some of the Drive to Store techniques and activities we chose.

We help you to get to know your buyer personas and talk to them

To raise the number of site visits to Drive Different’s landing pages, with the additional request for a long-term car rental quote, we set up a lead generation campaign which entailed the definition of buyer personas. How was this done? By putting together Eurisko data, customer background and history analyses, and customer journey insights.

We selected contacts with a high likelihood of conversion, whom we found on Facebook and Instagram thanks to a variety of bespoke offers for each recipient.



Months of campaign duration


Mark for ad views on Waze


People used the app to reach the Shopping Centre

The idea of investing in Waze came to us whilst we were working on a larger Drive to Store project where Google My Business was a key asset. Thanks to Google’s tool, the directions to Globo Shopping Centre have been searched more than 15,000 times monthly and have been directly managed by Google Maps. And that’s not all: with the help of Google Posts, the Centre’s Local SEO strategy is achieving extraordinary results, hitting over 20,000 views per post.

Luca Madrighelli

Strategic Head of Digital

We create popular customer experiences

Imagine having a chocolate shop in an outlet during the Christmas period. You are already off to a great start. But just how can you tickle the sweet tooth of people in the surroundings and direct them right to your store?

This can be achieved with proximity marketing.

For the Lindt stores at the Serravalle Scrivea and Barberino del Mugello outlets, we implemented geo-localised Facebook and Instagram proximity campaigns: we detected customers at the two outlets and offered them solid advantages, which they could enjoy straight away at the point of sale by using EAN codes.

Not only did this strategy of engagement and instant gratification boost footfall to the stores, but it also resulted in an increase in purchases.

The sweet smell of chocolate cannot do that much all by itself!

Let’s make your POS the next destination for your customers.

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