Customer experience

Turn CX into a wild adventure

The challenge

From Customer Experience to Human Experience: put people* first and you will be chosen and loved.

*not only people – animals, too!

Our solutions

We have huge experience in the world of retail stores and shopping centres; we have grown together; and now more than ever we enjoy investigating processes, detecting changes, and playing a part in the evolution of these markets.

We can help you create unique, people-driven Customer Experiences which represent your brand and perfectly suit the environment in which your brand operates.

Our way of working

Context analysis and goal setting

Ideation of Insight and Creative Strategies

Customer Journey construction with touchpoint definition

Project implementation and event management

Real time fine tuning

Sharing the results

Below you can find out how, thanks to Customer Experience, we:

  1. brought mums to the Shopping Centre
  2. brought cows to the Mall
  3. organised a tasting session for dogs.


Repositioning Auchan Monza

The Mums at the Mall project started with an in-depth analysis of the target and the outlining of specific objectives:


  • FAMILIES with children
  • Young/single/traditional MOTHERS


  • PRESENTING the Shopping Centre’s services
  • ATTRACTING crowds to the Shopping Centre
  • REVAMPING the Shopping Centre’s image
  • SHOOTING photos and videos

We decided that it was not enough to simply portray Auchan Monza as a suitable shopping centre for mothers – we wanted to make it the shopping centre for mothers, and therefore for families.

Claudia Balzani

Project Manager

Mums are the new stars of the show

A 4-day casting event invited mothers from the area to introduce themselves to a jury composed of a director, a journalist, a nanny, and a psychologist.

The casting saw an astonishing number of people take part both at the Shopping Centre and on social media platforms, thanks to live videos and direct posts on Facebook.

Ana Belen Subire, a wonderful mother of 3, was crowned winner and won a €2000 work contract, as well as a day’s shooting fit for a professional model, which made her the face of the Shopping Centre’s public communication campaign.

The digital strategy

The innovative power of the project was so great that it allowed us, even on a low budget, to achieve exciting results.

  • 142,582 PEOPLE REACHED (coverage)
  • 1,205,206 IMPRESSIONS each user was reached twice a month on average
  • 74,066 VIDEO VIEWS (excluding live videos)
  • 861 CLICKS on the link

Live videos, surveys, and stories also stimulated organic engagement.

The LIVE FACEBOOK STREAM, which took place on the last day of casting, reached 3,417 PEOPLE who watched the event live.

We directly engaged users through:

  • STORIES about the initiative which were also added to the Highlights section and were always visible on the Instagram profile
  • FACEBOOK POLLS – we received 627 feedback messages from the community
A year of events for women

Not only mothers, but of women of all ages, continued to be involved throughout the year.

A day when mums challenged each other with irony and the desire to share an experience. The challenge then opened up to dads, too!

An all-pink under-12 football tournament, in collaboration with Monza Football, which promoted women’s sports and its values.

The results

In June 2019*, the Shopping Centre saw several remarkable increases, such as:

+ 4,36% more visitors
+ 8% more visitors from the target category (women, mothers, children)

Increased turnover in sectors relating to the target

+ 4,4% Clothing
+ 3,7% Child
+ 10,3% Underwear


Leading shoppers on their journey with an omnichannel project.

The Venetian dairy Lattebusche chose an eco-friendly Tetra Pak packaging where the ethical values of the container and its contents intertwine. How could we share the profound meaning behind this choice?

By building a customer experience that lets the shopper experience the history and background of the product at every touchpoint.

Not only shoppers: talking to the trade

We have now been working in the industry for over 30 years and we know that our target is not just the shopper. For this reason, we are careful to maintain dialogue with trades, creating messages with which we can communicate and surprise.

For Lattebusche, we designed a seed tray that would allow the buyer to experience the eco-sustainability of the product’s packaging firsthand – the tray can be used as a pot for growing herbs.


a tasting session for dogs

If the “customer”, the end-user of your product, is a dog, then it is Fido you need to think about when designing a CX with a product tasting.

And that is exactly what we did whilst working with Affinity on the launch of the Ultima range: a roadshow for pets in all the best Shopping Centres.

Samples of more than 30 Ultima products; a discount coupon; a free gift; the cherry on top? A tasting session for our four-legged friends.

After all, they are the ones who have to choose, aren’t they?

The results


Malls visited


days of activities across Italy

8k kg 

of cat and dog food transported


samples handed out


gifts given

Create a CX which unfolds as an exciting journey for your customers and lead them to the heart of your brand.

Let’s make it happen!