Branding by engagement

Give life to your brand

The challenge

From talking to doing: let the brand play the lead role in your strategies.

Our solutions

Creating a new brand means managing to visualise all its future potential; but it is also essential to make the brand grow, turning that potential into reality.

For us, this points to Branding by Engagement:  we feel the energy of the brand and let it flow through every project.

Our way of working:

We study the relationship between people and brands at different touchpoints to allow for the creation of a detailed Engagement Map.

We assess the importance and quality of the relationship

We devise an Engagement plan (physical and digital)

Food Shuttle

nutrition education lands in schools

How could we share CIRFOOD’s brand values with schools using an innovative method?

CIRFOOD, a catering company and Italian leader in school catering services, used this question as a starting point when designing Food Shuttle.

Food Shuttle is a POP-UP platform – it has been designed to land in schools and transform them into multi-sensory labs which encourage children to explore the magic world of food, using all 5 senses, as well as innovative technologies.

You have never seen food like this before

3D food printers, touch-boards, holographic screens, 3D viewers, digital microscopes, juicers and dehydrators are allowing children to explore food from a whole new perspective. They get to know, respect, and handle food -and then finally cook it. This activity is perfectly in line with CIRFOOD’s philosophy, which aims to rebuild the future starting from the dining table.

Food Shuttle is a high-tech educational platform that brings innovation to the learning process by which children discover the world of food. The transformation is both object of study and a creative process, a discovery and an achievement in which children take an active part and are astonished at every step of the way.

Elena Bertacchini

Project Manager

Food Shuttle is a CIRFOOD project, in collaboration with the Reggio Children Foundation and the architect Francesco Bombardi. Proxima offered their collaboration in the definition of the concept and storytelling, dealt with the illustrations and communication materials, supported the implementation of the pop-up shuttle, and organised the events in the schools.

C.C. Val di Chienti

How can one make the concept of territoriality genuine, modern, and unique for the local Shopping Centre?

Small in size, but warm, welcoming, with a wide range of services and strong roots in its land: the Val Di Chienti Shopping Centre, which, with the help of Proxima, has always branded being close to the people of Macerata and of the Marche area as a top priority.

Il territorio è stato protagonista delle campagne 2017/18

To transform philosophy into concrete actions, we designed a new concept of communication and decided to turn the Mall’s retail staff into the new stars in a rather unusual way – by introducing TUTORIALS, a strong growing trend on all social channels.

The hashtag that distinguished tutorials on social networks began with the acronym VDC (Val di Chienti) to express the concept of #Vicinidicasa (neighbours), which represents of the most important value behind our storytelling: genuineness.

Andrea Piras


The Shopping Centre’s Ambassadors, who reach out to you from billboards or smile at you on YouTube like real influencers, are those very people who welcome you when you shop or live the Shopping Centre experience in everyday life.

Shop assistants talk to you as real influencers would

We developed a plan of ideas and initiatives to present throughout the year, choosing a tutorial for each event.

We then organised a two-day photoshoot at the Shopping Centre – a full-blown event which truly grabbed people’s attention.

A tutorial is posted on YouTube and other social networks, and announces the theme of the event; it then turns into a communication campaign on offline media; at the last stage of the process, it returns to social media platforms where it gets people talking.

The results

The tutorials really got people talking on social networks – this helped the Val di Chienti Centre to establish a presence in the households of the area, transforming its sales assistants into #vicinidicasa (neighbours) of its customers.


shop assistants involved



tutorials made 13 already published

191 K

Total views

49 K

Best Video Views

5.5 K

Total interactions

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