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Turn your brand values into a unique and distinctive personality.

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Brands old and new have their own specific identity, which we can truly bring out by following a detailed process of assessment and enhancement of their most peculiar traits.

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Brand narrative

A comprehensive journey which, if done well, is continuous and does not show trace of its different stages. And that is what we are here for: let’s pick up a magnifying glass and take a closer look.


CarServer is the first Italian long-term rental operator to believe and invest in the private market. The task for us was to create a new brand capable of leading the way in a market which was yet to be fully invented. 

First of all, we attempted to identify the context in which the brand would be established: who are its parents, how big is the dowry? In what environment, and therefore according to what characteristics, will it be evolving and developing? What are the expectations of the family of investors, managers and properties? In short, what will the core brand be?

We look to the Brand Matrix for an answer: in the case at hand, it was strongly influenced by the concept of “smart solutions” – obviously thought out for the current atmosphere of the mobility solution market. Is there anything smarter than having a car without having to own it?

The Naming of a brand is like a baby’s first words, its first key statement to the world; this is the reason why it takes weeks to explore the roads that untie phonetic harmony and semantic importance. Names are a very complex matter – not only should they be left to set and then reviewed several times in order to fully understand their effect through constant sculpting and chiselling; on their journey of growth, they must inevitably be subjected to the attorneys who guide us and give us advice each step of the way.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you only needed to be creative? The world of trademarks and patents is darker than Dante’s Dark Forest… Even the most absurd, unthought-of names will have already been used somewhere – so it is best to stock up on some good old patience… and always keep in touch with trusted lawyers to avoid getting stuck in a dead end.

Our chosen name, as well as being in pursuance of the relevant laws, lets us in on a new way of driving.

Logo. Where the first traits of your brand’s identity emerge.

Drive Different is a mobility package which includes everything – even the car!

The brand is born. Let there be storytelling!

At this stage, many of the elements analysed during the creation of the Brand Matrix step back into the game and now find their designated role in communication. For this very reason, we believe that it is essential to overcome this phase without over-fragmenting the work: this allows who develops the brand to grasp a steady overall vision, reaping the fruits of a long and complex thought process which may otherwise risk being lost.

A brand is well designed when its storytelling is consistent on every single touchpoint over time.

This is how the key concept of “Smart People” has evolved over the years to better suit the profiling of the identified buyer personas.

Persistent exploration led us, in 2018, to focus on branded entertainment – a dynamic communication that promotes the identity of the brand through transmediality – the web series. When the time is right, Smart People even become Smart Friends!



A newly designed “free flow” restaurant (A), a  toast bar where bread and other ingredients speak to the world of Italian wisdom (B), a restaurant which specialises in letting street food take over (C), and a snack bar where coffee blends are the true stars (D).



What if you already have a name?
A Centre and an identity all waiting to be brought to life.

The Aura Valle Aurelia Shopping Centre first opened its doors in 2017, as part of an urban redevelopment project for the whole district, which does not lie far from the Vatican City.

The architecture of the Mall was designed to fit in perfectly with the surrounding urban structure, becoming a place to stroll and meet friends; it can be reached by underground train, but also on foot or by bike. The name had already been chosen: it accurately describes the location.

Engendering an original identity and  a distinctive language for an “outside the box” Shopping Centre.

In our Brand Matrix, the soul of the AURA brand turned out to be the “community”.

We wanted to imagine, create, and capture, with creativity as our main focus…

We tried to give a solid foundation to the Brand by creating a smash hit which was deeply connected with the language of the locals of that area.

Andrea Piras

Creative Strategies

When the campaign was first designed, the idea was to let it flourish on both online and offline channels.

Let’s build your Brand or breathe new life into it.