We started in Rome on 6 May and after over 12,000 kilometres on 1 July, we arrived in Gravellona Toce, running through beautiful cities, together with wonderful people we met town after town, step after step.

In these intense months we have run, walked, laughed and even got emotional together.
When the Runner in Vista idea started buzzing in our minds we did not think we would go this far:  we only wanted to run and share an experience, but you have given us much more.Every time we read the Facebook messages, we understood that thanks to you we were achieving a great result, and that’s exactly what happened.
Over 2000 runners chose to support our project, and we collected over €10,000which have been entirely donated to the UICI (Italian Union of Blind and Visually Impaired People). More than 600 people, including volunteers and friends, allowed each event to run smoothly guaranteeing safety, organisation and also fun.

It is very touching to see such a noble and innovative project like Runner in Vista involve so many people throughout Italy! We even reached the Vatican and handed over the race pack directly in the hands of the Holy Father. It is immensely moving to hear the stories of such incredible lives; stories that give you strength and make you want to run even more!

The tour has ended, however we will all continue in our commitment to help those that can’t see to see how much energy thousands of people, joined only by a tether, can generate.

We would like to thank the staff of the company Savills Larry Smith Italia and in particular the managers of the centres, which believed in this idea right from the beginning, funded it entirely and like true runners joined us running in this amazing solidarity “marathon”.