The Runner in Vista project was presented at a press conference with a great number of journalists and  prominent people.


The conference was opened by Christian Recalcati, managing director of Larry Smith Italia, the company that manages the eleven shopping centres involved that also sponsor the event. “In line with the evolution of shopping centres, we have been supporting activities that support charities and that enhance and promote the territory.  Shopping Centres are no longer just a point of reference for shopping, nowadays they represent something more complex; they also seek to meet the ecological, social and cultural needs of visitors, through dedicated initiatives and services. Runner in Vista is an innovative, involving and fun project that brings together people of all ages for a truly noble goal: to raise awareness for a world that is liveable and accessible to everyone, including the blind. We are really proud to be among the creators and developers of this event”.


Mario Barbuto, national chairman of the UICI (Italian Union of Blind and Visually Impaired people), who participated through a video conference connection, thanked everyone. “This project contributes to improving the quality of life of people with visual impairment in Italy. The resources that will be collected will allow us to develop an intense action to promote physical, movement and sport activities for all blind and visually impaired people and to carry out sports projects that are particularly valuable to ensure a harmonious and integral development of a person’s personality and growth”.

This initiative will fund, in particular, the projects of the UICI’s Esplora program, which, through sports and exploration activities, helps children with visual impairment to gain greater awareness of the surrounding environment and to become independent and autonomous.


Emilio Mori, Senior Account of Proxima spa, underlined in his speech that “The most extraordinary projects are those born from dreams and passions. Sport, love for one’s territory and solidarity are the primary concepts that inspired the development of Runner in Vista. It is the result of great teamwork between Proxima, Larry Smith Italia, the UICI, local institutions and the dozens of volunteer associations in the cities involved. Working together with the client on a project that has the ambition of launching a solidarity message and having the opportunity of offering blind children the possibility of a better future are the things we love most about our job”.


The CONI (Italian national Olympic committee) was present with Fabio Pagliara General Secretary of FIDAL, the Italian Athletics  Federation. “The most beautiful thing about athletics is that it unites people. A run is democratic: all you need is a pair of shoes to run. That is why, when there are high-profile social initiatives, we are pleased to participate. Starting with Runner in Vista, the coming months are full of important appointments: on 22 May we will be at the remembrance run in Palermo,  for the 25th anniversary of the Capaci massacre,  and on 17 September we will be at the Rome via Pacis half marathon, which we have organised with the municipality of Rome and the Vatican,  a run that represents a symbolic connection between the three religions.”


The presentation press conference was also an opportunity to illustrate the accessibility of our site, a system that can be replicated in other organisations and contexts, underlined Vincenzo Zoccano, Coordinator of the OSI Work Group (Observatory of the UICI Internet Sites), created to address the challenges posed by technology and accessibility, no longer only related to the web, but also to devices, Apps, and wearables. Zoccano concluded stating that “The designed system guarantees the possibility of obtaining sites that are accessible to visually impaired people and much more; once again it demonstrates that it is not necessary to build a tailor made site but that people with impairments can use a “standard” site if it is appropriately designed; it is possible to have an accessible site that is aesthetically appealing at no extra cost.”