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Online and offline engagement

Engagement and Action. In every place and context: with all means.
We offer dreams, wonders, magic, fun, engagement and action to people. We can do it in different contexts: from the commercial to the edutainment area, from the motivational to the social development sector.

Engagement Mix

  • Innovation
  • Metrics
  • Marketing
  • Technologies

Innovation means observing, assessing and listening to improve the present. Innovation means fore-seeing and being curious to create a future. By gently inducing behaviour and motivation with appropriate stimuli, we offer new opportunities to achieve sales, edutainment, motivational and social development objectives.


For us this means constant monitoring of the key elements of an action and attention to all the touch points that generate engagement. All data collected becomes information, which we transform into decisions through experience.


We harmonise brand objectives with people’s satisfaction using the infinitude of tools available. We think outside the box and our approach is often unconventional, but always with great respect for the fundamental balance between the desire to have fun and make others have fun and the need to obtain concrete and defined results. We do all this in different contexts, from the sales to the edutainment area, from the motivational to the social development field.


Technology has an increasingly dominant role in our lives.

We want to apply it in a human dimension, integrating online and offline techniques to make dreams, emotions, magic, engagement and action possible. We have a wide variety of technologies available that we combine each time, to create the ideal mix to achieve the objectives and satisfy people’s needs.

Innovative contests and games

Proxima Play Factory generates engagement with innovative games. We always work taking into account every aspect of an online and offline initiative.

Roberta Di Renzo
Business Unit Manager
+39 059254948

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