We have four aces up our sleeve

And we are not afraid to use them. We play all of our games using 4 moves.
Well, almost all of them: sometimes we make things more interesting by mixing up the deck.


We assess the situation with a curious attitude, using design research techniques. In this way, we can gain greater insight and discover new perspectives upon which we can base ourselves whilst planning our next move.

Our winning hand? Being able to ask questions and use tools creatively.

The assessment phase always excites us because it helps us to better understand the settings in which our creations will come to life: the more realistic the scenario is, the more effective our story will be.

We know that data is not just a bunch of numbers – data means habits, tastes, wants and desires, people’s dreams.

Gavino Marras



Simplicity, Meaning.


  • Geo mapping
  • field and digital ethnography
  • sociological research
  • ux research
  • digital audit
  • data driven analysis
  • media research


Our creative strategy is the result of all the valuable tools used by our interdisciplinary teams, which combine communication, Design Thinking, and engagement techniques.

We strive to overcome the difficulties, with the aim of building creative projects which can make real opportunities for innovation possible.

Within a team, ideas bounce off each other, generating a palpable energy. In the end, we join up the dots, unveiling what was previously not visible: a creative strategy which can become “guiding light” with the potential to take the helm of the entire project.

Camilla Loperfido



Originality, efficiency, kpi’s.


  • Creativity
  • storytelling
  • branding
  • communication
  • digital & social
  • live communication
  • gaming & promotion
  • local media & community management


We bring your strategic thinking to life by transforming your ideas into actions and words which really speak to people.

We then let them blossom in selected touchpoints of the Customer Journey Omnichannel.

We follow a prototype-based approach. We make sure that performance is monitored constantly, and if we notice that something may need improving, we act on it immediately.

Implementation is the key moment whilst building a successful campaign. It is when everything we have imagined, designed, and defined finally takes shape. We pay the utmost attention to the execution process and act in real time in order to safeguard our objectives.

Serena Manfredini

Specialist coordinator


Results, real-time fine-tuning.


  • Video production & motion graphics
  • content
  • digital & social media
  • local media planning e community management
  • public relations
  • shopper activation
  • live communication
  • game design
  • space design
  • main contractor & project management
  • tech scouting


We never cease to be curious about new opportunities.

In our view, the project is only over once we have shared the performance measures of the project with our customer in a structured manner. Together we can raise awareness, create culture, and identify new perspectives.

We enjoy working with our customers – getting them involved in the strategy phase, and then surprising them during the creative phase. To wrap up the project, we offer them a detailed report containing the analysis of the results: such data will prove important in devising the strategy for the next project.

Claudio Carminati

Digital Strategist


Systemic learning, feed-forward.


  • Data driven insight & visualization