We know that we know nothing and we love it

We are on a constant mission to learn: we are curious.

We like to unlearn things, too – we set aside what we think we know in order to discover something new.

We are game changers
Identità - Ecosistema



3 agencies, 60 talented individuals, 33 years of change, 1 big philosophy – our idea has always been and will always be our trump card.

Our goal is to give you what you need to face the complexity of modern communication by offering simplicity, meaning, solutions, and prompt responses on every level.

Creativity, Design Thinking, Digital Strategy, Customer Experience: we have what is needed.

Our vision includes an original ecosystem which evolves persistently alongside the market, generating value for both the company and the community.

Pier Luigi De Masi - Customer Success

Pier Luigi De Masi

Customer Success


Our mood

Here at Proxima it is rather odd to hear the word “boss”. We split ourselves up into multidisciplinary teams where each one of us can bring their own ideas, curiosity, skills, and sense of responsibility to the table. It is groups, not individuals, who research, create, choose, and decide.

We genuinely have a good time – and not only when we are playing table football.

Identità - Mood

We are constantly on the move. For 33 years we have been evolving with the market in order to always be ready to turn unexpected events into opportunities.

Silvano Franciosi - R&D

Silvano Franciosi



Our mission

We creatively explore the interaction between different emotions, languages, and technologies – we work to strike up fruitful relationships which can enhance your brand’s value.

Whether it is an advertising campaign, an event strategy, digital presence, a product launch, a shopper activation, community management or whatever project you want to initiate, getting people involved is the goal of every one of our creative strategies.

Out tigline

Branding by engagement

speaks loud and clear.

We enjoy surprising people who are important to your brand with ideas that surprised you first, and which then went on to become an inspiration to the market.

Marco Montanari - Customer Success

Marco Montanari

Customer Success


We are a team of 60 professionals who call Proxima home – even when we work from home. We set ourselves up into multidisciplinary teams and stand by your side in facing the challenges posed by the present and changing the rules which shape the future.

We have worked with

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Associazioni - Consiglio Nazionale dei Centri Commerciali
Associazioni - International Council of Shopping Centers
Associazioni - AssoConcorsi
Associazioni - Retail Institute
Associazioni - Confindustria
Partnership - Google Partner
Associazioni - IAB Italia
Associazioni - Associazione per la RSI



Our projects received praise and won awards for their creativity and for the results they have managed to achieve.

And we could not be happier.