For the second year running, Proxima earned itself a number of prestigious awards at the CNCC Awards, including two Certificates of Merit and the Community Award


Three awards for three ideas that are poles apart but are linked by a  common theme,  innovation.

This was the underlying concept that guided us through the development of the projects recognised as winners at the CNCC Marketing Awards 2016.

Two projects were awarded Certificates of Merit in the New Media category, which acknowledges  strategic programs and plans that make original and innovative use of digital technologies in order to reach their communication goals.  These projects  were the “Globo Photo Hunt” for the Globo Busnago shopping centre  and the “Whatsapp Quiz” for the Val di Chienti shopping centre in Piediripa, Macerata.

But far from just shopping centres, Proxima’s innovative touch also extends to the catering sector  and this year, it also received  the “Community’s Choice Award”, which recognises the most popular project, based on online voting by NCCC members.

The award-winning project consisted of the development of  the new catering format devised for CIR food (“Viavai – Italian Smart Food”) for Expo 2015, to which Proxima contributed with the naming, the logo and all the communication activities both inside and outside the restaurant.

In this case, the innovation lay in a project that showcases the best of Italian products  in a fresh, new way, meeting the needs of the fast food industry while also maintaining standards of excellence. What is more, the format designed also slots perfectly into large-scale retail centres.

A great achievement – or rather, three great achievements  – that confirm Proxim’s role as a multidisciplinary laboratory, at which experimentation and exploration lead to the creation of new business.

Our awareness of the constant, complex changes taking place around us means we are quick to spot up-and-coming trends and enables us to use commonly available tools to create new experiences for target groups.